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Welcome to Flying Midwest Media, where we fuel your passion for adventure, aviation, podcasting, and flight training. We’re not just storytellers; we’re aviation trailblazers, and we’ve got your adventure ticket ready!

Soaring High with Flying Midwest Media

At Flying Midwest Media, we are the architects of captivating aviation podcasts and thrilling media content. With us, the sky is never the limit; it’s just the beginning of your exhilarating journey. Our media hosts two remarkable creations: the entertaining and informative Flying Midwest Podcast and the life-changing Fly the Transition Podcast. Our mission? To spread the wings of aviation love through extraordinary programs and remarkable individuals within the aviation community.

Join the Airwaves with the Flying Midwest Podcast

Step into the cockpit with Jim and Madi as we take you on a turbulence-free flight through the world of aviation in the Midwest. Our Flying Midwest Podcast is your one-way ticket to explore the skies of America’s Heartland. Together, we’ll navigate the friendly skies, sharing news and events, awe-inspiring stories, industry insights, and the latest trends. We’re not just aviators; we’re your co-pilots on this adventure to connect aviators across the Heartland, making the vast sky feel like home.

Fly the Transition: Exploring the Stories of those Taking the Leap into a New Career in Aviation

Get ready for a groundbreaking adventure with Jim, on the journey to career transformation in aviation. In Fly the Transition, we chart the flight path of those who dared to make the leap into a new career in aviation. We’ll journey back to their roots, unveiling the origins of their passion and how they transformed dreams into careers that reach for the stars. These are stories of unwavering courage, sacrifice, unbreakable determination, and dreams that took flight.

Flying Midwest Media isn’t just a portal; it’s an invitation to join a grand expedition. We’re here to paint the skies with adventure, knowledge, and inspiration. Buckle up, aviation enthusiasts, because with Flying Midwest Media, there’s no ceiling to your journey. We invite you to explore the vast horizon, learn from the best in the industry, and soar to new heights in your aviation dreams.

So, fasten your seatbelts, adventure-seekers, and aviation lovers, because at Flying Midwest Media, we’re rewriting the script of adventure, one podcast at a time. Explore. Learn. Take Flight.



“Connecting Aviators From Across America’s Heartland”

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