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Flying Midwest Podcast
~ About Us ~

Get to know the Flying Midwest Podcast Crew

Jim, Andrew “The Badger Pilot,” and Madi

Our Story

The tale of the Flying Midwest Podcast is one of vision, shared passion, and the skies of the American Heartland.

A Meeting of Minds

The brainchild of Jim Schilling and Trevor Norman, the concept for our aviation podcast began independently. Both harbored the same dream: to create a podcast tailored to aviation enthusiasts in the vast Midwestern United States. It was through the introduction of a mutual friend, equally captivated by the world of aviation, that our collective journey truly took flight.

Completing the Crew

Our aviation odyssey wouldn’t be complete without CFI Madi Johnson, who brought her wealth of knowledge as a certified flight instructor to our team. With Madi on board, our trio was formed, each of us contributing our unique experiences and expertise to the mix.

In late 2022, our co-founder Trevor stepped away to focus on his military and aviation career. After some episodes as a duo, Jim and Madi welcomed a new co-host to the podcast. Long time listener and supporter, Andrew “The Badger Pilot,” joined our team to return the crew to a trio once more. Badger brings a love of aviation, a great sense of humor, and a big personality to to team. 

Our Vision for You

At Flying Midwest Podcast, we’re more than just a podcast. We’re your gateway to relevant news and exciting events from the heart of the Midwest. But it doesn’t end there – we’re here to educate, entertain, and share our own brand of Hangar Talk. We’re committed to keeping you informed, engaged, and inspired along the way.

Thank You for Joining Us

We’re grateful that you’ve taken the time to get to know us better. As you explore our podcast, be sure to delve into the fascinating stories of our team members. They’re the faces behind the voices, and their journeys are as riveting as the ones we share with you in the skies.

The Flying Midwest Podcast isn’t just a podcast; it’s a destination and community where aviation dreams take flight. We’re thrilled to have you on board as we explore, learn, and take flight together. Welcome to our aviation adventure!

Jim Schilling


Meet Jim Schilling, your co-host and producer extraordinaire for the Flying Midwest Podcast. With years of aviation and military experience under his belt, Jim brings a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to our aviation adventures.

Jim is not just any aviation enthusiast; he’s a four-year veteran of the United States Air Force. During his active duty service, he was stationed at the Home of the Fighter Pilot, Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in the Security Forces field. Jim’s commitment to service and duty is at the core of his aviation journey.

After his military service, Jim continued to serve and protect as a dedicated law enforcement officer for the past 16 years. This background has instilled in him a deep sense of discipline and responsibility, traits that are invaluable in the world of aviation.

Jim’s journey to the skies began in 2012 when he embarked on his private flying journey. He holds a Commercial Pilot certificate and boasts an Instrument rating.. Jim is actively working towards becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), all in the pursuit of sharing his passion for flight with others.

The Aviation Playground

When Jim isn’t busy podcasting, you can find him as a proud part-owner of a 1974 Beechcraft Sundowner. In addition to his aircraft ownership, he recently acquired a hangar that’s affectionately known as “The Beechhouse.” It’s not just a place to store his aircraft; it’s where aviation dreams take flight.

Jim’s aviation commitment doesn’t stop with podcasting. He’s a former member of the Civil Air Patrol, where he served in various positions, from squadron Emergency Services Officer to Assistant Inspector General for the Minnesota Wing. He’s been an aircrew member and has actively participated in numerous search and rescue missions.

Beyond the Clouds

When Jim takes a break from the cockpit, he indulges in creative outlets. His passion for photography comes to life as he captures the beauty of landscapes, nature, and, of course, aviation. Some of his most cherished photographs have been taken during family hikes at state parks around Minnesota.

In addition to his adventures in the aviation world, Jim is a loving husband and devoted father to two children. He calls the north metro of Minneapolis his home, where he continues to inspire and educate in the world of aviation.

Jim Schilling is more than just a podcast host; he’s a passionate aviator with a dedication to sharing the excitement, knowledge, and adventure of aviation with the world. Join him on the Flying Midwest Podcast, and let your aviation dreams take flight!

Madi Johnson


Meet Madi, the dynamic co-host of the Flying Midwest Podcast, whose enthusiasm is infectious and fuels our high-flying adventures. With a profound passion for aviation and an ongoing journey, Madi brings a unique perspective to the aviation world.

Aviation Dreams Taking Flight

Madi’s aviation journey is an unfolding adventure, and she’s well on her way to achieving her dreams. She holds a BA in Aviation: Professional Pilot from Liberty University and is a holder of multiple aviation certifications, including Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII), and her Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) certification. Her love affair with the skies ignited in 2019, and since then, she’s been on a mission to reach new heights.

Reaching for the Skies with UPS

Madi’s dreams are as vast as the aircraft she aspires to pilot. She envisions a future with UPS, where she’ll command the iconic Boeing 747. Her commitment to the aviation industry is unwavering, and she’s ready to make her mark in the world of aviation.

The Passion for Teaching

Madi is equally passionate about teaching, especially within the aviation realm. She’s a full-time aviation instructor in Wichita, Kansas, where she nurtures the dreams of the next generation of aviators. Her dedication to aviation education is a testament to her love for sharing her knowledge and passion.

A Creative Touch

In her leisure time, Madi channels her creativity into amateur editing and operates an online store, Aviatrix Air Mail, where she crafts aviation-themed stationary, cards, and bookmarks. Her creative prowess knows no bounds.

Beyond the Clouds

Madi’s interests extend far beyond aviation. In her rare moments of free time, you’ll find her engrossed in reading, crafting short stories, and exploring her artistic side through painting. She’s also a devoted caretaker to an eclectic mix of pets, including a snake, fish, and snails. Her list of passions doesn’t stop there; she eagerly looks forward to returning to horseback riding and playing the violin someday. Moreover, she harbors dreams of launching a small business in the near future.

Home Sweet Home

Madi hails from the southern metro area of Minneapolis, but her current home is Wichita, Kansas, where she resides with her faithful canine companion, Piper. Listen closely to our episodes, and you might hear Piper in the background. Her roots are firmly planted in the Midwest, where she nurtures her dreams and continues her journey towards a fulfilling aviation career.

Madi is more than a co-host; she’s an aviator, teacher, artist, and dreamer. Join her on the Flying Midwest Podcast, where she shares her boundless love for aviation and inspires others to take flight. With Madi, the sky’s the limit, and the possibilities are as vast as the horizon.


Andrew "THe Badger Pilot"


Meet Andrew, the newest addition to the Flying Midwest Crew. 


Andrew started flying in spring of 2021 and quickly earned his private and instrument ratings.  He is known around the Midwest as “The Badger Pilot,” or simply “Badger.”  Based just a few miles from the Badger VOR, Andrew enjoys flying all over the Badger State and the Midwest, exploring this beautiful part of the country from the air.  He documents his adventures on his YouTube channel, appropriately named “The Badger Pilot.”


When Work Meets Play

Andrew has been involved in public safety since 2010 and he brings that knowledge and skill set to the cockpit of every flight.  His experiences in the public safety world have led him to emphasize the importance of safety and proficiency in flying.  Andrew continues to work in the public sector, partnering with local law enforcement and traffic safety agencies to help reduce reckless driving in Southeastern Wisconsin.  He also instructs at a local academy to provide new employees training and techniques to keep themselves safe in the workplace.

Beyond the Clouds

Andrew and his beautiful wife live in Southeast Wisconsin where they raised two strong and independent daughters.  Weekends are filled with travel all around the Midwest for youth hockey, volleyball, cheer, and cross country competitions.  Beyond traveling for sporting events, Andrew and his wife enjoy traveling to aviation and aerospace themed destinations, including past trips to the Houston Space Center and Sint Maarten, with the Kennedy Space Center and Huntsville Rocket Center on the short-list of future destinations.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys camping, fishing, riding motorcycles, and of course, flying!

The Sky’s the Limit

What’s next for The Badger Pilot?  He hopes to one day bring the lessons learned from a lifetime of public safety and instill good habits into the next generation of pilots.  His immediate goal is to complete his commercial, CFI and CFII ratings to bring his passion for teaching to the cockpit.  He hopes to one day return to Sint Maarten and add his own landing at Princess Juliana Airport to his logbook.  In the meantime, he will continue to fly across the Midwest, sharing his passion for aviation with those around him.

Trevor Norman

Former Co-Host

Meet Trevor Norman-Sheveland, former co-hosts of the Flying Midwest Podcast.

A Dynamic Career in Aviation

Trevor’s aviation journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences. From his career field in supply-chain logistics in the Air Transportation (2T2) division of the US Air Force to his role as a former airline ground instructor on the CRJ-700/-900, his aviation expertise spans a wide range. He’s also a C-130 Flight Engineer (1A1), showcasing his dedication to the aviation industry.

A Helping Hand in Times of Need

In addition to his formal positions, Trevor dedicates a significant part of his time each year to volunteering with AERObridge, a disaster response organization. AERObridge coordinates pilots and supplies to provide aid to disaster areas where traditional transportation methods are impractical. Trevor’s commitment to humanitarian efforts is a testament to his passion for making a difference.

Education and Aspirations

Trevor’s holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in aviation business, showcasing his commitment to learning and growth. As a pilot, he currently holds a commercial pilot certificate. His aspiration? To become a certificated flight instructor, passing on his knowledge and passion for aviation to future aviators.

Creative Pursuits

When he’s not immersed in the world of aviation, Trevor enjoys practicing the art of writing. He’s an author with several published works to his name, ranging from children’s books to shorter novels. His most recent publication, “Six Miles Above the Earth” and “Juliet the Airplane,” showcases his ability to combine his love for aviation with his creative talents.

Family Man

Trevor’s devotion extends beyond aviation and his professional pursuits. He’s a loving husband and a proud father of two young daughters. Together, they call the southwest metro of Minneapolis home, where they share their dreams and inspire each other to reach for the skies.

Trevor Norman-Sheveland is a multifaceted aviation enthusiast with a rich tapestry of experiences and a deep love for aviation.